Couples Creating Connection

Do love and intimacy feel like a thing of the past?

Do you feel like you are in your relationship alone?

Is your partner more interested in checking their iPhone than listening to what you have to say?

If this sounds like your relationship, it is probably time for a tune-up. Relationships take work; they must be fed and nurtured in order to feel viable and alive.

If you find yourself stuck in the same-old-same-old patterns, therapy can turn that around.

I collaborate with couples
to transform Stuck, Stale and Dead
to Alive, Exciting and Worth Saving!

Implementing attachment therapy with the tools of Emotionally Focused Counseling, we address childhood wounds, fears and assumptions that make it difficult to create and sustain intimacy and trust. When fears are addressed, regulated and integrated, the relationship is able to heal.

In couples counseling, I address the following issues:

  • Poor communication/miscommunication
  • Distraction due to overuse of technology, tuning out human connection
  • Ambivalence (whether or not to take your relationship to the next level)
  • Work/life balance, making time for each other on a regular basis
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Parenting: integrating good parenting skills to strengthen your relationship with each other and your children
  • Planning for separation or divorce

Please, join me on this healing journey!

Contact me for a free-15 minute consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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